13 Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants for Mother's Day

by Selina Luo
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13 Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a significant holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't keep it lighthearted. If you or your mom aren't interested in the cheesy aspects of Mother's Day, she might appreciate these funny gifts a little more. They show lots of personality, acknowledge the challenges and triumphs of being a mother, and keep things fun.


A beautiful necklace or pair of earrings she can wear with any outfit.mother's-day-gift

There's something satisfying about being able to afford to give your mom something delicate, luxurious, and special. Too often our moms put us first and themselves last, and something that isn't strictly "necessary" is a good way to make sure they feel pampered from time to time. I guess your mother will definitely love this gift.



E.P.Light Memory Light


Designed to save up to 60% more energy than the average LED light bulbs, these powerful LED smoke-effect light bulbs are ideal for indoors & outdoors, home decor, all year-round for all occasions.
Our high-quality, environmentally-safe resin is extremely durable and won't break, even if you drop it. The resin stays cool to the touch and never heats up, even after long hours of emitting beautiful light. The actual color and paint curve inside is totally random and unique like an abstract painting. This unique Mother's Day gift will definitely impress your mom.



The Instant Pot for tons of easy and delicious meals.mother's-day-gift

The Instant Pot is a cult-favorite for a reason; instead of doing the work of one kitchen gadget, it does the work of seven, making the time she spends cooking (if that's something she does regularly) that much more efficient. Especially if she's the kind of person who somehow always unconsciously spends most of the family get-togethers in the kitchen perfecting the meal for everyone else to enjoy, this is one way to ensure the food will be delicious while also allowing more time for her to relax, too.



A self-watering, self-regulating indoor herb garden.


We used the bigger version of this to grow lettuce and other greens in our office, and the self-watering smart garden makes growing fresh herbs impossibly easy. She won't have to worry about perpetually feeding something you gave to her, but she'll get fresh ingredients for meals whenever she wants them.



 Smart Moxibustion Thermotheraphy Device


If your mother suffer from chronic pain, this is definitely the best gift for mother's day! Previous studies have demonstrated that moxibustion is effective when used to treat cervical vertigo, dysmenorrheal, chemotherapy-induced leucopenia, and various emergency conditions.


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A gift card to ClassPass, so she can get access to tons of different boutique fitness classes in town.mother's-day-gift

Boutique fitness classes are all the rage, and if your mom is anything like mine, she probably loves them. It's a good way to be active, learn new skills, and keep yourself from getting bored of your own routine. This Mother's Day gift makes your mother more and more healthy



A monogrammed leather makeup bag.mother's-day-gift

Choose up to six characters and the deboss color for the monogram of this leather bag. The size is perfect for travel-sized toiletries and makeup and it has a waterproof lining to protect the leather.




A photo throw pillow.mother's-day-gift

Upload your own image to the front and back of the pillow to create a piece of home decor. This gift sure to become your mother's favorite in the house. 




A monogrammed mirror tray.mother's-day-gift

The elegant script goes at the bottom of this pretty mirror tray, which can hold anything from entertaining essentials to jewelry and trinkets.



A sound wave art print.mother's-day-gift

This one-of-a-kind gift is a visual piece with a surprising auditory twist: the artist converts the audio file of anyone's voice into a sound wave.



A photo phone case.mother's-day-gift

Casetify's easy-to-use design interface offers tons of options to turn an ordinary phone case into a completely unique one. You can connect your Instagram account to make choosing photos a breeze. 



A tote bag with a funny quote.mother's-day-gift

These hand-sewn canvas-like bags are perfect for lugging around anything from beach gear to groceries. Choose a mom’s mantra. Mom will be surprise for this gift.



A unique neck warmer.mother's-day-gift

Though it looks a little ridiculous, this neck warmer is surprisingly effective. It not only stays warm for hours after you heat it up, but it also emits a soothing lavender scent.

by Selina Luo


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