Acupuncture Points for Low Back Pain - IJOOU Smart Moxibustion Therapy

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Acupuncture Points for Low Back Pain - IJOOU Smart Moxibustion Therapy

Back pain is a very common problem and will affect many of us at some point during our lives. Moxibustion can effectively relieve back pain caused by the following conditions:

  1. Poor posture
  2. Lack of exercise resulting in stiffening of the spine and weak muscles
  3. Muscle strains or sprains
  4. Overworked or overloaded

Here is how to relieve low back pain with IJOOU moxibustion device.

Simply place the Ijoou head on following acupuncture points.

1. Shen Shu acupoint:  The Shen Shu point is in the waist, the back of the navel,under the spine of the second lumbar vertebrae, 1.5 inches apart

shenshu point

2. Yao Yang Guan acupointThe Yao Yang Guan point is in the waist. On the midline, below the spinous process of the 4th lumbar vertebra (L4).

3. Wei Zhong acupoint: The Weizhong Point is located in the middle of the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon.

weizhong point


Moxibustion Time

Moxibustion once a day, about 15-20 minutes each time. Use for a minimum of 4 weeks to see beneficial effects.


For More moxibustion therapy information, please download the "iJoou" Appijoou app icon from Appstore ( for iOS user), or from Google Play on your smart phone.



iJoou - Smart Moxibustion Thermotheraphy Device

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by vlen Feng



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Ann E
Ann E

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