Apple Vinegar for Weight Loss : Does It Work?

by vlen Feng
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Apple Vinegar for Weight Loss : Does It Work?

Apple vinegar is one of the most common types of vinegar in the world. It is sometimes described as a natural and health treatment for many diseases, There is a big claim that it helps in losing weight.

Many websites have indicated that drinking apple cider vinegar may help lose weight, But this has not been scientifically proven. 

 It was pointed out that some studies, most of which were conducted on animals, I noticed some potential benefits of apple cider vinegar because it contains acetic acid, which is effective for weight loss.

 A study in Bioscience, biotechnology, biochemistry, The mice that were given acetic acid were less likely to get body fat, They had more energy and higher capacity to burn fat compared to another group given only water.

 The authors say that this suggests that acetic acid can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition that apple vinegar helps to fill the appetite because of giving people a sense of fullness and fullness, In addition, it does not contain a large amount of sugar, Thus, authors suggest that foods containing acetic acid may help people get saturated and make them less likely to be drunk. 

But overall, apple cider vinegar is not an effective solution for weight loss, There is insufficient scientific research to support this claim. However, apple cider vinegar is considered low-calorie, Therefore it can be considered as appropriate in calorie restricted health diets as a delicious addition to the salads.


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