Fitness Recipes: 10 Ways to Cook Chicken Breasts

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Fitness Recipes: 10 Ways to Cook  Chicken Breasts

Ready for a tasty new take on chicken dinner? Look through our collection of easy chicken breast recipes.

1. Chai-Spiced Chicken Breasts

Chai-Spiced Chicken Breasts

This satisfying chicken dish from Justin Chapple calls for just five ingredients. One of them is chai tea, which is mixed into a paste with oil and spread under the chicken skin to flavor the meat as it roasts.


2. Crisp Spiced Chicken

Crisp Spiced Chicken

Ready in just 30 minutes, this Mediterranean-inspired chicken breast is coated in falafel mix and topped with tangy tahini.


3. Spiced Chicken with Coconut-Caramel Sauce and Citrus Salad


Jean-Georges Vongerichten cleverly rethinks a classic Southeast Asian sauce not by what he adds, but by what he leaves out. Instead of a rich curry paste, he creates a creamy sauce with a caramel base, coconut milk and fish sauce.


4. Chicken Breasts with Potatoes and Mashed Peas

Chicken Breasts with Potatoes and Mashed Peas

Marcia Kiesel browns chicken breasts in butter on the stove before roasting them in the oven; the butter enriches both the chicken and browned pan juices, which become a base for the flavorful sauce. As a delicious accompaniment, she mashes minty green peasand mixes them in with whole ones.


5.  Ginger-Marinated Chicken with Onions and Peppers

Ginger-Marinated Chicken with Onions and Peppers

To give this simple dish another layer of flavor without adding much fat, chef Jacques Torres glazes chicken and vegetables with a bit of honey and cooks them until they are deeply caramelized.


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