Kardashian's recipe: What does Kim Kardashian eat in day?

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Kardashian's recipe: What does Kim Kardashian eat in day?

 Kim Kardashian is now in better shape than ever, after starting a gruelling diet and fitness regime with bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara.

Melissa told People magazine that Kim is only allowed "real food that's cooked (fresh) every day".

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Processed foods like biscuits, breads, sauces and even salad dressing are officially off the table.


What does Kim Kardashian eat in day? 

It isn't a big secret, the key to a Kardashian diet is eating clean and training mean!


The Kardashian sisters love their smoothies, and Kim is no exception. She kick-starts her day with a blend of almonds, two fruits, Greek yogurt, milk, and cinnamon.

Also, Kim has blueberry-oatmeal pancakes to keep her satisfied while she trains.

blueberry-oatmeal pancakes


For lunch, Kim combines protein and carbohydrates to keep her going and enjoys a meal of chicken, sweet potato and vegetables.

In May 2018, Kim posted her “Get-Fit Grocery List” on her app and shared that she sticks to lean meats like lean beef, chicken, venison, and bison.

lean meat


The businesswoman and mother has fish included salmon, tuna, and cod, and more vegetables for her evening meal.

These are all fish species that are low in fat — each serving contains less than two grams. However, fish is a great source of protein outside of meat and usually contains less fat than everyday meat options. It’s also a fantastic dining-out dinner option, since fish can sometimes be hard to prepare yourself. 


Pre-workout and post-workout meals

Kim's pre-workout and post-workout meals are small amounts of simple carbs, like sweet potato, and small amounts of protein and fat. You gotta put fuel in the engine if you're going to work out as hard as Kim does!

We have some issues with this, since we hardly think any form of carbs are “bad.”

But Kim listed some good complex carbs like brown rice, white rice, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, couscous, and quinoa. At least rice and some forms of potatoes made Kim K’s list. But it’s important to note that this is her “get fit” list, meaning maybe if she were having a treat, mashed potatoes would definitely have made the cut.


Kim workouts 5 days a week

kim workout

Mel is no soft-touch; she has Kim working out between 5-6 days a week. HIIT (high-intensity interval training), functional body movement, calisthenics - we're exhausted just thinking about it Kim! If you follow Kim on Snapchat, you've probably seen Mel putting her through her paces. 

"Even though her schedule is crazy, she's super-responsible and always shows up for her workouts," says Mel. "She’s the best client and athlete you can have."

High-intensity exercise causes muscle aches and pains. How does celebrity relax their bodies after workout?

NBA Star Draymond Green utilizes Moxibustion to heal his body and return into his prime body state. Kim is also the fans of acupuncture.


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