Herbal remedy for natural pain relief. Hands-Free, Portable and Easy-to-use.

Before get started, please download the "iJoou" Appijoou app icon from Appstore ( for iOS user),

or from Google Play on your smart phone.

Step 1. Charging In Capsule

Plug-in the power cord and turn on the socket.

When the temperature light turns red the device has started charging.

When the temperature light turns green, the device is fully charged and will disappear automatically after one minute and it’s ready to use.



Step 2. Load the moxa filler

Take out the Moxa patch.

Tear off the release paper on the ring surface of the Moxa patch, clinging to the bottom of the device.

Step 3. Stick On the Acu-Point

Tear off the release paper on the flower surface of the moxa filler;

Find the correct acupoint and cling to the place of giving moxibustion.

Step 4. Turn On & Adjust Temperature


Please turn on the Moxibustion device firstly to activate Bluetooth, as Bluetooth was set to hibernate originally.

Open the "iJoou App" on your smart phone and connect device to app.

Use the app to select the perfect temperature.

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