[Sterilization Principle]--According to the approved laboratory research, ultraviolet disinfection stick can kill 99.99% of germ. The commonly used ultraviolet lamps are of the UV-C type, with a wavelength of 253.7nm, which can act on the genetic material DNA or RNA of the organism, causing the DNA or RNA to be destroyed and causing bacterial death.

[Protect You and Your Family Health Anywhere]-- UV Lamp Travel Wand can be used in daily life, not just for mobile phones, iPads, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, mugs, Pet items and household items, but also for Car seat/Steering wheel, Elevator button, Mouse and keyboard, travel, by bus, riding a shared bike and public places etc to achieve all-round anti germ in home and public!

[Easy to USE]--UV light travel wand build with 2000mAn lithium battery and you can use it for several hours. You can connect it with supplementary with your adapter or power bank. One button Operation, you just need to long press the button 5S and then the UVC light is on, swipe any place or item back and forth 5 to 10 times to work.

[Convenient Carry]--Compact size: 8.6*1.4*1.6 inch; Weight: 7 ounces. It's easy to carry and put in your handbag whether at home or on a trip. No matter where you go, you can make sure that you live in a clean environment.

[Notification]--Please don't use this UV Lamp on people, animals, pet, plants, especially on eyes.There are a lot of invisible dirty things in life. People can't see them with the naked eye, but you can use uv light lamp to eliminate them. Protect you and your family health!


Product Name: Handheld Led UV Germicidal Lamp

Lamp Color: White

Material: ABS+PP+PC

Voltage: 110v

Wavelength: 260 ~ 280nm

Item Size: 219x34x40mm/ 8.6x1.4x1.6in

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Charing Time:2.5-3hrs


Small and Portable

The handheld UV germicidal lamp was designed with portable with USB cable charging. With the small and lightweight body supports easy to carry and put in your handbag. You can put it in a handbag whatever at home or on a trip. No matter where you go, you can make sure that you live in a clean aseptic environment to help you keep healthy.


Easy to use

Our UV sanitizer could be powered on by a USB charger. It can be connected to USB for power supply. Press the on/off button, the indicator turns blue, you can use it to scan any place you want to disinfect.

Warm Tips

Please don't use this ultraviolet disinfection lamp on people’s eyes and skin.

If you receive any questions about the product, you can leave us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.